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From Assembly Lines to Picket Lines: The UAW Strike and the Acceleration of the EV Revolution” explores the pivotal UAW strike in 2023 and its profound impact on the auto industry. This whitepaper delves into the gains achieved by workers and the new challenges faced by the Big Three automakers as a result of the strike. Additionally, it sheds light on how this significant event acted as a catalyst for the industry’s shift towards a more sustainable, electric vehicle-centric future. By examining the evolving role of the UAW in driving this transformation, this whitepaper offers valuable insights and analysis for industry stakeholders, executives, and enthusiasts alike. Discover the untold story behind the UAW strike and its profound influence on shaping the future of the automotive landscape.

UAW strike in 2023 was a pivotal event in the auto industry, ushering gains for workers and posing new challenges for the Big Three. It also catalyzed the industry’s shift towards a more sustainable, EV-centric future, highlighting the UAW’s evolving role in this transformation.

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