Hand Carry Delivery


For faster delivery of packages and prototypes, JUPITER SCM as part of its logistics services provides expedited pickup, clearance, and delivery.

A simple, useful, and trustworthy hand carry. Don’t let urgent needs, service delays, tight connections, or problems with paperwork stop you from getting the most important cargo to its destination. JUPITER SCM Hand Carry Service gives you an easy, fast, and reliable way to send urgent, high-tech, or high-value packages by onboard courier (OBC).

Advantages of our Hand Carry Service:

  • Quick quoting
  • Less expensive than chartering an airplane
  • There are both domestic and international services
  • Flight schedules and active flight monitoring around the world
  • Information flows in a continuous and proactive way
  • We have a lot of people and places all over the world.
  • Know-how and languages of the area
  • Personal door-to-door delivery

You need a hand delivery service partner you can trust for your most important packages. When you work with JUPITER SCM, you’ll get hand-carry service with the personal, expert touch of a reliable and experienced global logistics provider. Get a quote from us today.

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