Buyers Consolidation


Our overseas agents and warehouses can combine our customers’ orders from multiple vendors at their specialized facilities and ship as a consolidated cargo to the ultimate consignee. We also provide QC services for our clients and a company background check for new vendors.

If our customers get cargo from more than one supplier, our consolidation services can help them get everything in one place. Consolidation services are making their supply chain & Logistics more efficient and leaner.

Better use of resources through consolidation

As part of our consolidation services, we make the best use of containers. Dedicated containers are packed and sealed for final delivery at the customer’s location or straight to the end-users. We combine several less than container load (LCL) shipments into one full container load (FCL), shipment.

Costs are cut with consolidation services.

With our buyer’s consolidation services, you will have reliability, less cargo handling, and fewer units to deal with at your final destination. When compared to multiple LCL shipments, buyer consolidation services save you money and help the environment. They also give you full transparency and are easier to use.

Simplifying Your Supply Chain

At Jupiter SCM, we understand that your goal is to get your goods from the factory to their final destination efficiently and cost-effectively. Our platform provides simple and clear answers to your logistics inquiries. By connecting you directly with service providers and offering solutions tailored to your needs, we empower you to take control of your supply chain decisions.

Buyers Consolidation

Optimize your supply chain by consolidating multiple orders and reducing costs with our buyers consolidation services.