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Logistics Companies Grow Cautious on Holiday Hiring Logistics companies and fulfillment specialists generally are keeping their hiring flat this year compared with last year, moving cautiously with their traditional seasonal staffing in an uncertain retail economy that has seen tepid growth in sales of goods. UPS to Acquire MNX in Bid to Bolster Healthcare Business [...]
secure shipping containers
Shipping containers are a widely adopted method of transporting goods across the globe, but they are susceptible to damage and theft during transit. Safeguarding your containers and their contents requires careful planning and implementation of effective security measures. This guide presents key strategies to secure shipping containers, from selecting the appropriate container to training staff […]
_ This week in the Logistics Industry September 4-10, 2023
1. Flexport Clears Out Executives After Clark’s Resignation as CEO Flexport founder Ryan Petersen is cleaning house after Dave Clark, a former top executive at, abruptly resigned as chief executive of the freight forwarder following disagreements over the direction of the business and spending on new operations.   2. West Coast Ports Face Hurdles [...]
intermodal ship at the background, Jupiter SCM logo and the text : 5-Benefits-of-Using-Intermodal-Shipping-Containers
Intermodal shipping containers offer many advantages to businesses in terms of cost efficiency, cargo protection, and flexible transportation options. Shipping container technology can save time and resources, streamline the delivery process, and provide a secure way to transport goods from place to place.    1. Up to 45% Time Efficiency Increase. Intermodal shipping containers provide […]
The Demise of Yellow Trucking Lessons for the Trucking Industry
The Demise of Yellow Trucking Yellow Trucking, once a stalwart in the transportation sector, has recently announced its filing for bankruptcy, marking the end of an era for the company. With a legacy dating back decades, Yellow Trucking was renowned for its reliability and efficiency. However, a culmination of internal missteps and external pressures has […]